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For any Expo inquiries or concerns, please e-mail our Expo Organizer.

Show Etiquette, rules and guidelines

1. The expo is open to the public 10am – 5pm Saturday and 10am – 4pm Sunday.
2. Cancellation Policy: Full refund up to 8 weeks prior to the show, after that, NO refund.
3. Set up and break down: You are welcome to set up your display on the Friday evening before the expo, from 7pm to 8:30pm or Saturday morning from 8am to 9:30am. Break down begins Sunday at 4pm. Do Not pack up before closing on Sunday.
4. All animals must be labeled wild-caught (WC), captive-hatched (CH) or captive-bred (CB) Wild-caught must have been in captivity for a minimum of 6 weeks.
5. Ensure all animals that are displayed or sold are healthy and free from ticks, mites or any other parasites. These parasites can easily be transferred to another members’ animals, especially when members of the public may be handling many different animals throughout the day. If an infected animal is found during the vet inspection, for the safety of all the vendor’s animals, the vendor will be required to leave the show immediately. In this way, we are able to control any transfer of parasites. As an exhibitor, if you notice an infected animal, please let one of the BCRC board members know. No vendor should ever knowingly bring sick animals to the show, if caught, the vendor will be suspended from vending at shows for one year.
6. No native wildlife or CAS animals permitted.
7. Please make sure you bring an enclosure that is a suitable size for your animals to be on display. It does not have to the regular enclosure the animal resides in, however, does need to be comfortable enough for the animal to be viewed by the public and kept in for the duration of the show.
8. No live mammals (rodents, marsupials, dogs, etc.) are permitted in the venue for sale, display or any other purpose. Registered service dogs will be allowed, please be prepared to offer proof of registration.
9. If you are selling frozen feeder animals at the show, they are to be placed in non transparent bags so as not to offend members of the public. Live feeder insects must be pre-packaged prior to the show to prevent any escapees in the venue. NO live feeding of animals during the show! Ensure all animals are fed prior to the show and given enough time to digest properly.
10.Exhibitors must have ALL animals in place by 9:30am each day. No animals will be permitted after this time.
11. Only exhibitors registered with the show are allowed to have reptiles in the venue. For the safety of our animals, the general public will not be allowed to bring outside animals in. If you notice that any outside animals have made it past the front door, please alert a BCRC board member immediately.
12. Please ensure that any animals sold are accompanied by your contact information in case of health concerns or general questions after the show.
13. Get along with your neighbors. Please attempt to settle disputes quietly and quickly between yourselves. Failing this, if moderation is needed, please find a BCRC board member to help solve the dispute. If drama or unprofessional behavior is witnessed, both parties will be banned from the show for 1 year and if it continues, will be banned for life.
14. Please clean up after yourselves. The volunteers are there to help with table setup/take down, not garbage duty. Play your part and dispose of garbage, bottles and cans appropriately.
15. Contain your animals well. Ensure all enclosures are secure to decrease the possibilities of animals escaping. Your animals must not leave your table area until the purchase is complete. Wandering around with animals is prohibited.
16. Keep in mind that not all members of the public are aware of the behavioral patterns of the animals you are showing. If you have an animal with aggressive tendencies, it must be kept in it’s enclosure for public safety.
17. Children are welcome at the expo but must be supervised at all times. Please ensure your children are wearing vendor identification.
18. Any vendor who is a no-show will forfeit their table fee and table, and will not be invited for future shows. We understand extenuating circumstances, each situation will be considered on an individual basis.
19. All vendors should have a bottle of hand sanitizer on their table and encourage patrons to use it.
20. Only Sticky tack can be used to adhere signs, posters, etc to the walls. Please use only green painter’s tape to secure extension cords to floors.
21. The BCRC carries liability insurance for this event to cover ourselves in the off chance an accident occurs. This insurance does not cover liability to our vendors if a vendor is deemed responsible. It is recommended that all vendors carry their own liability insurance in case of an accident. If an accident such as an injury from an animal, or a product being displayed at the show, the vendor could be liable. Hopefully this never will be an issue but we want you to be aware that it is in your best interest to carry your own insurance just in case.
22. The veterinarian will be doing a walk through both mornings and inspecting for general health and visible parasites, hydration and lethargy etc. He/she will also be looking at these general sizing guidelines as well. We do not want hatchlings of any kind sold at our show. Please adhere to these guidelines or animals and vendors will be removed and suspended from participating in shows for 1 year, second offense will be a lifetime ban. Dragons – 6 weeks/6 inches; Chameleons – 2” svl; Leopard geckos – minimum 5 grams; Crested geckos – minimum 4 grams 3”; Corn/King/Milk snakes – minimum 7 grams; Ball pythons, feeding well – minimum 55 grams.

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