New Rescue Making Way

It’s always wonderful to hear about people’s love for any kind of animal, but some people really stand out above others. 

In 2016, a new rescue for reptiles and small animals, called CPR Animal Rescue Society, was founded in Surrey, B.C. They have really jumped in with both feet. They are non-profit, and are a registered Society.

CPR’s Mission Statement is simple, and sweet:

1) To rescue, rehabilitate and rehome pet animals.

2) To provide long term care for rescued animals that are not appropriate to rehome.

3) To work to improve the quality of life for animals through education, raising awareness and promoting healthy choices for pets.

Let’s all wish them luck, and give our support to the CPR family. Without groups like them, the pets they take in would never get a second chance.
Check CPR Animal Rescue Society’s Facebook page out here.