About the BC Reptile Club

Our Beginnings

The BC Reptile Club (BCRC) was formed in 2008, and is a provincially registered non-profit organization. The club was formed in part so that reptile keepers across British Columbia would have a unified voice in the March 2009 proceedings regarding the keeping of exotic pets. While BC’s laws regarding the ownership of exotic pets were tightened, we were able to help advocate for many species of harmless reptiles who could otherwise have been banned.

The BCRC Today

In the decade since these laws passed, the BCRC has continued to operate in order to provide a network of information for the general public regarding exotic pets. We try to share the fascinating world of reptiles and amphibians with anyone who is interested to learn about them, while encouraging responsible pet care and husbandry. In tandem with this, we aim to foster respect for our local ecosystems, habitats, and environmental conservation.

BCRC Expos

To further educate and guide the public towards responsible exotic pet ownership, and to continue supporting our community, we host a biannual reptile expo in Abbotsford, BC. Our expo is open to the public and is welcoming to everyone, whether they are beginner reptile keepers, longtime enthusiasts, breeders, or families with curious children. It is of tantamount importance to us to screen our vendors and educators to ensure they are putting the best foot forward for our hobby. This includes encouraging best husbandry practices, providing honest, thorough information about the animals at their booth, and acting in accordance to the laws set out by the BC government.


1) To promote public awareness of reptiles and amphibians as pets.

2) To promote municipal awareness of reptiles and amphibians as pets to local councils, and encourage them to amend their bylaws to fall in line with provincial guidelines.

3) To educate the public in the conservation and husbandry of these animals.

4) To provide knowledge and assistance in all areas relating to reptile keeping, with a focus on responsible pet ownership as allowed by the laws in the province of British Columbia.