Giving Back

Giving Back

The BCRC is proud to support British Columbia exotic pet and conservation communities whenever possible. We do so via donations to non-profit exotic pet rescues or organizations that support our natural wildlife, as well as having recently established our own rescue operations. Previous organizations we’ve supported include…

Critter Care Wildlife Society

Critter Care Wildlife Society provides short and long-term care and rehabilitation to mammal species native to British Columbia. Through public education, they help prevent the suffering of injured and orphaned wildlife. To date, the BCRC has donated $2,000

Richmond Reptile Rescue, Adoption and Education Society

Richmond Reptile Rescue, Adoption and Education Society is a volunteer run, non-profit care home for reptiles and amphibians that can no longer be cared for. Their objective is to provide a safe and healthy environment for reptiles and to find suitable, permanent adoptive homes. To date, the BCRC has donated approximately $3,000

The Bug Lady

The Bug Lady encourages environmentally friendly alternatives to harmful pesticides by educating the public about the use of beneficial insects that naturally prey on problem pests. The BCRC supported and helped fund her application to legalize a several species of beneficial, harmless insects who had been banned.

Coastal Painted Turtle Project

The Coastal Painted Turtle Project conducts research, recovery activities, and engaging in stewardship for the endangered Coastal Western Painted Turtle on the south coast of British Columbia. They help address threats such as road mortality and habitat loss on a site by site basis, and have been essential to creating a plan for long-term recovery of coastal populations. The BCRC has donated $500 to the project

This is a simple to introduction to some organizations we have been proud to assist. As you read this, we are currently in the process of adding more information to our new website. More information about organizations and causes we’ve donated to is on its way! If you have any questions in the meanwhile, please contact us!