Hello reptile enthusiasts!

We held our Annual General Meeting on November 16th, so here is a small update for you all:

The board would like to wish Chris, Brandon, Kelsey, and Fiona luck in the future, and would like to say thank you for everything you have done while being on the BCRC board.

We have a board of 7 this year, with Dee being President, Jude as Secretary, and Sean as Treasurer. Members at Large will consist of Derek, Val, Meghan, and Renee, who will all be just as active as the prime board members. 

On a side note, attendance was rather low for the AGM. Please, consider coming to the next one. We love to hear from everyone, and this is the best place for your voice to be heard. For those that did attend, we promise that you were heard, and we thank you for your contributions and discussions.